Who's Who

President - Stephen Cloonan

  • Links with alumni members to encourage friendships, fellowship and participation
  • Supports the reunion host for the year
  • Represents the class at HBS functions and events.

Past President - Ken Bridges

  • Supports the President and reunion host for the year

Secretary - David Hucker

  • Writes the Class Notes for the HBS Alumni Bulletin from inputs from class members
  • Keeps class members updated through the Facebook page and website
  • Maintains a roster of email addresses for all members of OPM 29
  • Leads on all reunion communications

Treasurer - Kurt Conti

  • Maintains the Class bank account
  • Reviews the reunion budget and account


After five years, Avi Hadar stood down as President at the Prague reunion in 2017, where he received a gift of Bohemian crystal from the class presented by David Hucker. The role now rotates each year with the reunion host becoming President for the following 12 months.